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And the winner is….

Bij Elsje las Sonnetje iets over de dames van Charmed. Om preciezer te zijn: op welk van die 3 dames Elsje het meest leek. En vervolgens zag Sonnetje de link waar zij zelf kon gaan testen. And here are the results of…

For 36 % you are: You are most like Prue! You are always working and determined to get the job done as well as protect those around you. You are restless and are always searching for love. Along with having a great sense or style, you are always able to make those around you smile and feel safe.
22.7147 % of 722 Quiz participants had this profile!

You could also get this result:
For 36 % you are: You are most like Phoebe! You are exciting and constantly searching for yourself. Though at times you act irresponsibly, you are very smart. You are beautiful and have a great fun-loving personality. You are absolutely hilarious and able to find humor in any situation.

Or even this one:
For 18 % you are: You are most like Piper! You are worrisome and don’t do very well under pressure. You are a beautiful girl who is always dreaming and you love romance. Usually you are diplomatic and have very good common sense. Finding humor in unusual situations and cooking are among the other great qualities you have.

Or even this one:
For 9 % you are: You are most like Paige! You are fun loving and restless. You often feel like you have something to prove and are always finding love. When you have your mind set on something you can be very determined and you have quite the funky style.

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